A Private Caribbean Spa Resort in Barahona,
Dominican Republic.


Tanama Eco Spa is set in the woods amidst trees that shower leaves and seeds making music to the rhythm of the river, on the journey to awaken the senses. We design therapeutic treatments around miraculous natural elements like coffee, chocolate, coconut, basil, bamboo, noni, mango, and pineapple. A unique treatment at Casa Bonita uses the combination of hot and cold “Ciba Azul” stones, meaning Blue Stone in the native Taino language.


End a romatic evening with a glass of wine and a dip in our candlelit Jacuzzi where the only accomplices shall be the stars at our Dominican resorts.



Taino Steam Bath

Tanama Eco Spa invites you venture to the past and be taken on a journey into the heart of mother earth. Temazcal is an ancestral tradition from the ancient prehispanic cultures.

We ask for blessings and strength from mother earth, for ourselves and for those we love. your senses.

Surrounded by a Natural an Virgin Site

Shelter to beautiful butterflies set amongst diverse and magnificent surroundings with a greater sense of eco consciousness, we design special treatments with all natural products.

We offer the perfect ambiance to find… Health, beauty, wellbeing and harmony.