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Due to its strategic location in the lush south coast, Casa Bonita is an ideal place for guests to interact with the rich biodiversity of the region. Enjoy a variety of onsite activities including hiking, water sports, tennis, yoga, horseback riding, mountain biking excursions, as well as the lodge’s own Canopy Tour, which lets you glide through the tress and view a land of mythical beauty, in a unique adventure experience.

Just outside the property, guests have a plethora of activities available to them. From nature walks along river trails, surfing, snorkeling and swimming, guided tours to any of the National Parks within the Jaragua, Bahoruco and Enriquillo Bioshpere Reserve, bird watching tour, organic coffee plantation tour, a visit to Casa de Tarzán (Tarzan’s House), Las Aguilas Bay, Oviedo Lagoon and Lake Enriquillo as well as exploring caves with ancient tribal art, there is lots to explore.