In the 1970’s, Polibio Díaz – legendary lawyer and politician, native of Barahona – talked his daughter Virginia and her husband, Julio Schiffino, into constructing their summer home on a share of his estate in Barahona. Ever since acquiring the land, it was Don Polibio’s intention to build a house on the hill with lush tropical foliage – coconut trees, palm trees and mahogany among others – and the most beautiful view of the Caribbean Sea. From early on, he kept a close relationship with the region’s inhabitants, constantly visiting and reaffirming friendships with the locals, while also enjoying the surrounding fauna and flora. He considered the latter a source of good fortune and well-being.

Don Polibio’s insistence finally paid off when, in 1976, Julio and Virginia built the long-awaited summer house. It was designed by his friend, the renowned architect José Horacio “Sancocho” Marranzini.

Back then the summer house was privately owned by the Schiffino family and there they entertained their guests and friends. It only had three rooms, a spacious terrace and pool, which altogether created a cozy Caribbean ambiance. Julio and Virginia brought this magical place to life, where they shared their passion for hospitality, expressed their good taste and their love for good food while generating unforgettable memories for everyone who visited.

Fifteen years later, in 1991, they decided to add more rooms turning their summer house into a small country inn, which they simply called “Casa Bonita”. By doing so they shared the magic of their house with other visitors, showing them the natural diversity and richness of this secluded region.

Once again, fifteen years later, in 2006, new renovations were made, this time by the talented Dominican architect Rafael Selman –whom in his youth enjoyed Casa Bonita’s hospitality. The pool was enlarged and all the interior spaces redecorated in order to achieve a luxurious tropical accommodation.

Nowadays, my grandfather’s vision is shared by the third generation of our family. Alongside an extraordinary team, we have committed ourselves to continue hosting visitors in our Casa Bonita. We spare no efforts in making guests feel… at home, more so than other luxury Carribean resorts.

Polibio Schiffino